About Us

What is Lingua Classica about?

Lingua Classica was created to develop software to assist in the learning of classical languages, Latin and ancient Greek. This is a labor of love but it is rooted in the quite serious purpose of keeping alive the classical foundations of Western culture.

We also offer adaptations of our classical-language learning tools for use in learning modern languages. We anticipate creating other adaptations to help in learning classical languages in other cultural traditions, beginning with Sanskrit.

Why learn Classical languages?

Chances are that, if you have found your way to this page, you have your own answers to the question. Here are ours:

Who are we?

We are:

Lingua Classica has been organized as a business, registered in the province of Ontario, Canada, as an alternative to seeking grants or donations and to the accounting headaches of not-for-profit status. Initially, we thought to sell tools at the retail level. The income from this proved inadequate even to support the modest cost of hosting our sites. We have therefore redirected our efforts toward developing tools for use by educational institutions. It is not our purpose to rake in profits but to provide services to support classical-language learning and make enough money to cover continuing costs.

Contact Information

Lingua Classica
170 Minto Place
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0B7

Phone/fax: 613-749-9065

email/Customer Service: info@linguaclassica.com