On-line Latin Drills

Our Latin inflection drills are designed to drill users on inflected forms of nouns, verbs and pronouns. Users are asked to select a declension and a particular noun, or a conjugation, tense and a particular verb, or a pronoun. Text boxes then appear into which the user is expected to enter the correct forms. The font color in a text box changes to blue if the form is correct or to red if it is incorrect. Users may at any time click a 'show correct forms' button to see the correct forms.

Our Latin Composition drills present the user with a sentence in English and a list of uninflected Latin words to be used to translate the sentence into Latin. Once a translation has been entered and the user has clicked the 'check translation' button, the 'Result:' shows the user's Latin sentence with incorrect words colored red. Clicking the 'Original' button of course displays the original sentence in Latin.