Classical Language Software

  • The Perseus Project

    Created in 1987,the Perseus Project is an online library project maintained by Tufts University. The original focus was on classical Greek literature but the collection has expanded to include many texts in Latin and other languages. Latin texts offer word-by-word meanings and basic parsing data which pop up at a click and commentaries on a number of texts as well. Perseus was the pioneer and remains a leader in digital humanities. Associated tools are under development to support text annotation in support of scholars.

  • Alpheios

    Alpheios is a technological leader in classical-language software, with an emphasis on assisted reading. The basic Alpheios tool, a Firefox plug-in, opens a morphological analysis of a selected word in Latin or Greek which has further links to digital dictionaries maintained by the Perseus Digital Library and to inflection tables. For a number of prepared texts, this tool also displays treebank sentence diagramming and highlights the appropriate inflected forms in inflections tables. Other tools are under development and available for use in trial versions, including a treebank editor, an aligned-translation tool and a poetry tool that permits users to hear poetry pronounced word by word, line by line and through extended passages. Alpheios tools are used by many classical-language educators and are held in high regard.