Terms and Conditions

Our Terms of License

Downloadable software is licensed for use under the following conditions. In downloading the application, you indicate your acceptance of these conditions.

  1. Each download of Latin Parser or Greek Parser software is licensed for use by one user only. A user may install copies of the application in as many as three computers at a time, for example, in a desktop computer, a laptop and a handheld device, and may also install a copy in a computer acquired as a replacement for a computer on which the application has been installed, provided that reasonable efforts be made to remove the application from the pre-existing computer. A user may not, however, distribute copies of the application software to other users.
  2. Users agree to respect copyright protections of unique content of the software. Reasonable use, including print-outs and emails used for educational purposes, are of course, permitted. This protection is intended to bar only wholesale plagiarization for commercial gain.
  3. Latin Parser and Greek Parser software is licensed 'as is.' Lingua Classica guarantees that the application will function substantially as claimed, that the application software itself is free from viruses, trojans and other malicious software and that all reasonable steps have been taken to assure that installer software is also similarly free from malicious software. Remedies for malfunctions or any other problems whatsoever that arise from use of Latin Parser software are limited to replacement or refund of purchase price.

On-line Services Conditions and Standards

On-line services will perform substantially as described in tutorials and demonstrated in trial versions. Lingua Classica will make every reasonable effort to ensure that these services are available continuously and that server capacity is adequate. Users must accept that the speed of server request-response cycles depends primarily on the speed of their internet connections and that Lingua Classica cannot be responsible for slow program responses. Terms and conditions of subscriptions are as described on Subscriptions pages.  Pro-rated refunds will be made at users request on cancellation of a subscription within the first thirty days from the date of purchase or otherwise only if there has been substantial disruption of service.

Support Standards

The Latin Parser on-line parsing tool (Latin Parser Cloud) will provide customer support at two levels.

Currency of Payment

Although we are a Canadian company, prices are stated and payments collected in U.S. dollars for the convenience of American and international customers who make up the great majority of our customer base.